Wednesday, January 19, 2011


To reduce or pare. Which is what I apparently did to my car.

ABC Wednesday


  1. I'm not quite sure what that means you did to your car, but I hope it wasn't what I did to mine last week. Gave it a nasty scratch9 actually a few) on the front fender. UGH! I'm so mad at myself.

  2. Yuck. No, I just tilt-shifted my photo to make the car look smaller.

  3. I thought you meant the snow made the car look smaller!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. I'm your newest follower from ABC-WED, hope you will follow me back here@ Step Up
    Take Care

  5. If it snows enough your car may abscind itself away into a pile of snow!

    What a fun way to kick off the next round.

    On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thank you for participating. We are looking forward to this next year, and hope to see you back each week.

    Troy - ABC Wednesday Team