Monday, July 25, 2011

My Poor Little Conehead

Horace was neutered last week. He would not leave the incision alone so he had to don some fancy wear.


  1. Oh that is so cute. Poor Horace.

  2. Did you know that there are more comfortable collars...inflatable that allows the animal to sleep, nap, drink and eat without those stiff incumberances. Our dog is wearing one now because she would not allow a ruptured disc on her back to heal without constant licking.

    Poor dog; he'll get better soon.

  3. We love seeing doggies with cones on their heads and yours is particularly sweet. Just the other day we all decided that next Halloween we were going to dress up like dogs that had just come from the vet with cones on our heads and everything. Such fun!

  4. Kate, I did not know that about the collars. I did know that the poor guy wasn't able to sleep so I finally took it off him. He seems to be doing okay.
    Tanya and Paul - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Comments make my day.
    Rachel (which was my mother's name and is my granddaughter's name) - I love the Halloween idea!